UNITRONIX GLOBAL is an indigenous Renewable Energy Technology, Alternative Power, Telecommunication, Security, CCTV Surveillance Systems , ICT, Networking, IT service management and project management, Consultancy, Training & Certification Etc.

Pre-Sales Service

Inspection & Load Estimation Our technical team will work with you to determine what kind of inverter you need, depending on your load, usage conditions, priority appliances and budget. If required, we can arrange for a site inspection and load estimation, which will help you to better determine

Installation Service

Delivery & Installation Our installers will help you understand how the inverter works, and under what conditions it should operate. There are certain guidelines such as which appliances should not be used with an inverter system, as well as certain tips to ensure that your batteries last longer. Your installer will help you understand these so that you can get the most out of your purchase We also provide delivery services if required.

After-Sales Service

Premium Service & Support UNITRONIX serves the complete range of After-Sales solutions and defines all interfaces of the process chain according to individual customer requirements. This makes us your ideal partner for scalable service requirements for PV modules, inverter and battery storage alike.

Training & Certification

We prove world class training for sound and serious minded individuals who whish to excel in the different areas we handle through our state of the art training facilities as well as accreditation from relevant organizations etc...

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